Ranch Features

We are dedicated to agriculture and producing wholesome, quality products. We won’t sell anything we wouldn’t serve our own family. When you visit our ranch you’ll find a variety of products and attractions – something for everybody.

2006 Pumpkin Farmers

2006 Pumpkin Farmers

  • Home style bakeshop
  • Frozen Pie Sales
  • Crafts
  • Hill Grill (closed for 2016 season, picnics welcome with purchase of bakery dessert)
  • Grassy picnic area
  • 2 Corn Mazes – 1 small (on site) and 1 GIANT maze down the road
  • Nature trail
  • Farm animals
  • Apple butter and jams
  • Cider
  • Henrietta Stich Hard Cider
  • Apple sales
  • Pumpkins and gourds
  • Junior Farmer Program 

The origin of the Kids Inc. name

It’s a great story. When Edio and Joan Delfino (the ranch founders) began ranch marketing in the early 1960’s, they told their children that they could name the ranch. There were seven children and they sat down after dinner one night and thought up a few names–“Farm Kids”, “Little Safeway”, “Kids Incorporated”, and others less memorable. They took the final vote and “Kids Inc.” got the most votes… “Kids Incorporated” was born in 1964 when it became the name of the apple ranch … not because the ranch was for kids but because kids worked on the ranch.

It’s important to the present ranch owner, Chris Delfino, (son of Edio and Joan) to carry on this tradition of kids working on the farm and bake shop. Good work ethic, pride in your product and much more is instilled in this next generation of workers.