chris_christine1989 001

Chris with daughter, Christine, in 1989

For over 50 years the Delfino family has been farming on this property and the tradition continues. There’s an ongoing evolution as we look to the future in planting and managing what’s grown on the ranch. We’re proud to provide products that are enjoyed by so many. Here’s a listing of our major crops.


We specialize in apples and have since the early ’60s. Many of the apples grown right here on the ranch end up in our freshly baked treats. That’s farm fresh! We grow Golden Delicious, Pink Lady, Empire, Red Delicious, Rome Beauty, Granny Smith, McIntosh, Arkansas Black and Fuji apples.


Every Memorial Day Weekend there’s a planting bonanza. The Pumpkin Patch was always the project of the Kids of the original Kids Inc. kids – Hence the name “Kids’ Kids” – 16 in all. We have a patch at our main location and we pick some pumpkins for those who just want to grab one and go – they are at our entrance.


We have a patch of thornless blackberries that we pick in July. We flash freeze the berries to create our popular blackberry sour cream pie which is available only in September. A low-sugar blackberry jam is also available that we sell in our apple sales area.


We come from a long line of Italian farmers. In 1922, Frank Delfino came from Italy bought a small piece of property in St. Helena.  He planted wine grapes.  Frank and Secondina Delfino had three sons and one daughter. Aldo, the oldest son, became the Agricultural Commissioner of Napa County; Ezio, the youngest son, became second in command to the Director of Agriculture for the State of Calfornia; and Edio, the middle son, became the Agricultural Commissioner  for El Dorado County – a post he held for 36 years.  Edio Delfino was one of the four founding fathers of the Apple Hill Growers Association and Edio and Joan Delfino are the founders of Kids Inc.  Chris Delfino is their middle son and the current owner of Kids Inc. 

When our children went to college for viticulture and wine making, we decided to plant five acres of wine grapes on the Kids Inc 20 acre property.  Our varieties are Albarino, Malbec, Primitivo and Pinot Noir.  The vineyard was planted  in 2009.

Corn maze

We have two corn mazes this year. As in years past, we have a small children’s corn maze at the main Kids Inc property.  Our HUGE new corn maze is down road. Stop in and take some time to get lost in our corn maze adventure. You’ll be amazed!


Each year we plant gourds that have many uses: Mini-pumpkin decorating, future bird houses, holiday decorations, and for the really creative, just about anything.

Nanny’s garden

Every year Nanny (Joan Delfino) planted a huge home garden.  Visitors “oohed and awwed” at her glorious heirloom tomatoes, corn, flowers, and much more! After he passing her granddaughters now lovingly plant and tend “Nanny’s Garden”.  Please don’t pick from this garden.

That’s not all …

In addition to the main crops listed above, we also have a small crop of Persimmons, Peaches, Pomegranates, and Plums.